Facebook photo challenge day 2

Following up from the earlier post,  we continue with day 2 of the Facebook,  #challengeonnaturephotography,  photo challenge!   (I suspect my old primary school English teacher might take that sentence apart but…..meh)

Whilst the overriding theme is, of course, nature/wildlife,  during the course of this 7-day challenge,  we will explore a number of,  what I’ll call sub-themes!   We will visit 5 different countries, view 7 different species (not including the images that didn’t make it to Facebook!) and we will explore a number of different genres as well.

Yesterday’s image was the sepia-toned monochrome lion,  what might be termed an animal portrait.  For today the word is Juxtaposition!     Taken in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park,  I used the image as the cover photo for a photo book which I compiled following my wildlife safari there.    The book was published through Blurb.com and was the subject of an in-depth article that I published here.    For those who are attracted to the idea of self-publishing,  it’s worth taking some time to read through,  plenty of good tips there.    see:   The blurb book experience    To see a preview of the book itself, try:  Tanzania a Photographic Collection.

Giraffe eating leaves, Serengeti National Park.

A couple of images that were considered but didn’t make it into “the 7”.     Firstly an African Fish-Eagle with its prey,  click on the link for the background story to this one.

African fish eagle with prey, St Lucia Wetlands, South Africa.

Secondly,  also captured in South Africa,  a hippo mother and calf (click the link for the background story)     I guess I could have included this one as a “mother and child” sub-theme!    Never mind,  that’s an idea that may get explored later in the week (hint, hint)

Hippopotamus mother and calf, St Lucia Wetlands, South Africa.

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