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Category : Digital photo processing

Wood carving, Tanzania.

Silver Efex Pro helped transform an uninspiring colour image into a pleasing sepia-toned monochrome.

Boats at Varanasi, revisited.

Sunrise over India’s mighty Ganges River provided a warm light over some boats moored at the water’s edge. Nik’s Color Efex Pro helped …

Okavango Delta sunset, using Silver Efex

previously posted as a full colour image but decided to experiment with Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro plugin and liked the result

cropping the image

Image compositing using Photoshop-White Tern

The use of image compositing in Photoshop to create a pleasing nature picture.

Drakensberg Panorama, background experiment

An experiment using multiple images and layers to achieve an intriguing result.

the final image.

The making of a monochrome panorama.

The Galapagos Islands provides landscape as well as wildlife photography opportunities. A step by step guide to achieving a pleasing black and white panorama

Waimoku Falls, Maui.

A slow shutter speed gives the water of Maui’s Waimoku Falls a soft silky appearance

Laupahoehoe Point. A Study in Textures

a landscape of rocky beaches constantly being pounded by the sea,  with trees tenaciously holding on to the rocky ground.

Two leaves, an exercise in image processing.

a simple botanical study,  two leaves,  one laying on top of another, however it proved to be an interesting exercise in image processing using Photoshop.

Photo Realism to Photo Illustration to …….Photo Art?

Today’s image is such a case where we go from photo realism to photo illustration to …. well…(maybe)….photo art.

Views from Diamond Head, Honolulu

A city bus is an easy enough way to get to the Diamond Head State Park and from there a fairly easy hike to the top of the crater rim where a lookout provides some good views back to the west to Honolulu itself and east towards Koko Head.

Arches, Haridwar.

Haridwar, India. A man walks along an arched balcony. I was drawn to the repeated geometry of the arches and waited for a human figure to enter the frame.