Category : Digital photo processing

Pyramids in sepia

Some of the pyramids are believed to have been built over a period of about 20 years and would have required a workforce of as many as 200,000 people.

The Italian Rowing Club, Tigre, Argentina.

Green, white and red, and high ISO

An exercise in digital noise suppression using multiple images in Photoshop

Lightroom process versions

The not so subtle changes between Adobe Lightroom process versions.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

A combination of slow shutter speeds and compositing results in an impressionist image where people are but a fleeting presence.

Flamingos on a lake.

An experiment using Google’s Color Efex Pro to get the most out of a landscape/wildlife image.

Monsters in a pit.

To hell with realism.  Digital image processing helps create an apocalyptic,  Orwellian vision.

Botanical photography

Some work in Photoshop to replicate the effect of a coloured drawing, or pastel colour painting on a white surface.

Granite boulders.

Using Silver Efex Pro to get the most out of landscape images.

White on black, Jim Thompson House

The image shows a flowering vine growing along a solid timber upright.  The timber is painted black and hence provides quite a contrast.

The Old Warrior

With one tusk missing,  and a chunk missing from his ear,  the title just seemed appropriate!

African Elephant, Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

The African Elephant photographed in profile. The use of Nik Viveza’s structure tool enhanced an already pleasing image!

Ostrich in long grass

The continuing experimentation with digital image processing.