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Category : China

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China 1999 continued….woman riding tricycle

Things are changing fast in China with increasing industrialization and extraordinary economic growth, there is a growing push for people to use more and more motor vehicles.

The waterfront, Yangzi River, Fengjie, China.

passengers disembark boats on the Yangzi River at the small town of Fengjie (Fenji). Access from boats to the town was gained by walking across barges and walkways over the water before climbing up the steep stairs to the town proper.

Fengjie, China.

With a history predating 700bc, the town of Fengjie (Fenji) is now submerged beneath the waters of the Yangzi River due to the Three Gorges Dam project.

Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong

The monastery complex features a massive “big Buddha” statue, as well as numerous smaller statues such as this one, and was built in 1990. I decided on a fairly radical treatment replacing the original sky, (which was pretty ugly) with a graduated colour background.

Riverboat, River Li, China.

The river and the surrounding landscape are frequently cloaked in fog which adds to the sense of mystery and the region has inspired artists and writers for generations.