Wadi Rum with a rocky foreground.

The importance of a good foreground in landscapes.

Late afternoon in Wadi Rum, Jordan and I climbed to the top of a rock outcrop to survey the scene.    The sandy floor of the valley with its sparse vegetation and the mountains in the background looked good but I wanted something of interest in the foreground as well.  The outcrop I was standing on filled the bottom of the frame nicely but demanded a narrow aperture to give sufficient depth of field to get it all in focus.

I recall reading the advice of a respected landscape photographer many years ago in which he preached the value of finding some interesting foreground detail to include in landscape photographs.    It was a lesson worth recalling (particularly when using wide angle lenses).    Trying placing your hand over the lower third of this image and I think you'll agree its a nice scene but just lacking something,  a bit flat.    With the foreground included, the image takes on a more three dimensional quality,  a quality always worth searching for!    A sturdy tripod meant the slow shutter speed wasn't a problem.  ~KD.

Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum

Canon 5D,  24-105mm zoom at 28mm, F14, shutter speed 1/25 second at ISO 100.