Unloved photo of the month-Cheetahs, Botswana

Blogging and maintaining a website such as this can be a frustrating task and at times seemingly pointless. At times things which you think are trivial seem to gain some attention (wanted or otherwise) whilst you produce other work, of which you are quite proud, which is virtually ignored.

We live in the internet, social media era, where attention is often concentrated on facile memes and the sharing of vacuous click-bait (copy and paste to your timeline…..share with ten people you love…. groan) It is in response to this (one man’s push back if you like) that I choose to highlight an image from my archives which, I believe has merit but has gone unnoticed, unloved!

Backlit Cheetahs, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Backlit Cheetahs, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Today’s image is drawn from the Botswana gallery. As the blog post title suggests, I may make a point of doing this each month and, for the sake of consistency, on the last day of each month. ~KD