pan and blur

Wildebeest blur, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

On safari in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park and a herd of wildebeest were running across the savanna in front of us.   The wildebeest,  being in large numbers,  ran along a beaten track alongside our vehicle for several minutes which gave me time to experiment with some pan and blur photography.

  With the camera balanced on a beanbag,  I was able to swivel the camera/lens combination so as to follow the animals as they ran by.   By slowing the shutter speed down,  the background and the surrounding grasses were registered as a blur.    The bodies and heads of the wildebeest remain as least identifiable whilst the legs,  due to their faster movement,  are more blurred.    It's an interesting technique which can be applied to moving subjects in the urban environment as well.     The results are not terribly predictable and so it's necessary to take numerous frames in the hope of getting something worthwhile,  but with digital,  pixels are cheap and there's no problem in simply deleting images that don't work.

Wildebeest blur, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania.

Camera: Canon 5D
Lens: 500mm F4 with 1.4x tele converter
Focal Length: 700mm
Exposure: 1/8 sec at f/40.0
ISO Speed: ISO 50
Processing: Lightroom.   Original file underexposed,  required +1.5 stops.