Serengeti National Park

Golden sky, Serengeti National Park

Taken shortly after sunrise in Serengeti National Park,  Tanzania.    I’ve written before about the use of telephoto lenses for landscapes,  well I guess you might call this a “skyscape” but the previous comments hold true here as well.   The colours depicted are true to the original scene,  they haven’t been “souped up”.

Sun and clouds, Serengeti National Park

Sunrise, Serengeti National Park

I made a comment some time ago about the potential for using long lenses for landscape shots,  here’s another example.    Even if I’d stopped the lens right down,  there was no way the overhanging branch was ever going to be sharp in the image,  just not enough depth of field.    I was happy to leave it as a compositional element even if out of focus.

Sunrise, Serengeti National Park