Big Island

Kukio Beach, Big Island, Hawaii.

Late afternoon and a walk along a trail to Kukio Beach provided some nice seascape opportunities.   Entry was via the car park of the Four Seasons Hotel and the gates closed at sunset so had to be off the beach by then.   Enough time to experiment with some slow shutter speeds and some wide angles too. Kukio Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Canon 5D Mark 2 with 24-105mm lens at 67mm F22, shutter speed 2.0 seconds at ISO 50.

Rocks on beach, Kukio Beach, Hawaii

Canon 5D Mark 2 with 16-35mm zoom at 16mm F14, shutter speed 1/50 second at ISO 400.

Beach and clouds, Kukio Beach

Canon 5D Mark 2 with 16-35mm zoom at 16mm F14, shutter speed 1/100 second at ISO 400.

Image processing (in Adobe Lightroom) consisted of:

  •          Lens correction,  using profiled setting.
  •          Increased colour temperature (approx 6300 K)
  •          Clarity (20-30 points)
  •          Vibrance (approx 10 points)
  •          Saturation (approx 10 points)
  •          Sharpening and then text

An interesting moment occurred just as I was about to pack up my gear,  with the light fading rapidly and being aware of the need to get back to the car before the security people locked the gates.    I was taking my last photograph,  a long exposure by necessity,  when I was startled by a slapping splashing sound nearby in the water.   At first I couldn’t figure out what it was in the gloomy light but then realized that it was a sea turtle which had made its way into the shallows.  It was only a few metres from me,  one of the closest encounters with a turtle I had during the trip.  Given the conditions,  getting a picture of him(her) was impossible,  if only it had happened 15 minutes earlier!   ~KD

**** Updated 18.11.16.   Images reprocessed in Lightroom 5.7,  all above notes are still applicable ****

Devastation Trail, Hawaii. Differing Interpretations


My travels through Hawaii earlier this year included some time on the Big Island of Hawaii, or Kona Island.   Like all the Hawaiian Islands it owes it’s existence to eons of volcanic activity which is still evident today.   The Volcanoes National Park, with Kilauea Volcano at its heart, includes the Devastation Trail,  an easily accessible walking path,  which winds through a stark landscape of volcanic rock left behind after a major eruption in 1959.

Prior to the 1959 eruption of Kīlauea Iki,  the area which now includes the Devastation Trail was covered by a dense rain forest.    From August to November of that year,  the area was shaken by increasingly frequent and intense earthquakes leading to the start of the eruption(s) on 14th November.    Explosions and eruptions continued till 20th December and for a time included lava fountains over 500 metres in height.   Today the area is provided.

In today's presentation,  I have included several fairly conventional images of the trail but have chosen some differing interpretations of those images as well.    I decided a toned monochrome effect looked interesting!   ~KD