Skyline pigeon, Frankfurt

My continuing journey brings me to the German city of Frankfurt.    Whilst other cities in Europe are notable for their historic buildings and monuments,  Frankfurt really isn’t.    The historians tell us that what was an attractive city was mostly leveled during world war 2 by aerial bombing.    Given that the bulk of what we see now was built in the post war era,  central Frankfurt today is largely a collection of ultramodern office towers,  steel,  concrete and glass.

The image presented is a high key representation of that modern Frankfurt.    The sun was partly behind the building and being reflected back onto the face of the building by a similar glass edifice across the street behind my camera position.   The contrast range in the scene was extreme,  well beyond the capabilities of the camera to capture in one frame.    In the end I bracketed exposures with the intention of compositing the individual frames into one final image.

One frame provided the sky,  shot as per the camera’s light-meter,  whilst the second frame was +2EV for the building.    The frames were then aligned in Photoshop and the sky and building elements combined with some careful masking.   Curves layers were added to each element individually to arrive at what I believed was the most pleasing result.

I was aware of the pigeon flying through the frame at the time and deliberately included it in the composition.    And the blog title?   Well,  I’m an old Elton John fan…..   :-) ~KD

Skyline pigeon, Frankfurt, Germany
Skyline pigeon, Frankfurt, Germany