Oops, 404 Error.

We’ve all done it.    You’ve typed a web address into your browser’s address bar and hit go,  only to find you’ve mistyped part of the URL and got into the website but to a page that doesn’t actually exist.  Commonly you’ll see a page that reads “404 Error” “webpage doesn’t exist” or something like that.


Many sites use a default 404 error page as provided by their webhost.  Such pages tend to be fairly formal and bland,  but there is the opportunity for web designers to be a little more creative with such pages.   Some really good examples are provided over at Smashing Magazine and are worth a look.

Not surprisingly,  given that I’m writing this,  I’ve given some thought to my own 404 page.  In order to see it,  just click on the link,  or if you prefer,  type in the address bar: name of your cat!)  and you’ll get there (assuming you haven’t named your cat,  "Index" or "WordPress" or "Tanzania Photo Gallery" or…..)   Long time readers of my blogs may recognize the characters.    :-)   KD