Crested serpent eagle

Travelling through Aranachal Pradesh, India, my guide and I spent several hours one morning walking through fields, along tracks, up and down hills trying to sight, identify and when possible photograph the local birdlife. We were taking a breather on top of a hill when we observed a Crested Serpent Eagle (Spilornis cheela) flying overhead.

The telephoto lens (500mm) was required to get the bird large in frame and the camera lens combination was mounted on a tripod with gimbal mount. With the gimbal mount active it's possible to move the heavy lens fairly quickly so as to keep up with the flight of the eagle and keep him in frame.

Crested Serpent Eagle, Aranchal Pradesh, India

Crested Serpent Eagle, Aranchal Pradesh, India

This image is part of my Assam Wildlife image gallery.