Arctic Fox, Svalbard

Whilst the focus of my trip to Svalbard was bird photography,  there were other opportunities as well.   In this instance we were trying to get closer to a pair of arctic skuas when suddenly an arctic fox appeared on the scene.   This fellow made his way fairly quickly in front of us,  sometimes obscured by rocks and pausing only briefly.     At the point when this frame was captured,  he paused,   put his snout up in the air to sniff the breeze and then continued on his way.

We would see a couple more arctic foxes during our trip but generally they were out of camera range.    Ironically,  my closest encounter with one was when I was least expecting it and was totally unprepared.    That episode occurred on my last day in Svalbard.   I was outside my lodgings on the outskirts of Longyearbyen,  with my gear packed up and waiting for a shuttle bus to arrive to take me to the airport for the flight out.

I had 20 minutes or so to kill before the bus arrived and so settled down onto a bench to eat an apple.    Just then a fox casually walked from behind the building and passed by a mere 10-15 meters from me in plain sight.  He stopped and we looked at each other for a moment before he sauntered off quite unconcerned.    The best fox sighting of the trip and there was no way I could unpack my camera and get a shot.    Talk about frustrating!    (looking for a shrugging shoulders emoticon….just use your imagination!)    ~KD

Arctic fox, Svalbard
Arctic fox, Svalbard

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Carrie says: 8 July, 2013 at 7:27 am I have never seen one like this before. Well this tells you to always be ready as the opportunity can jump out at anytime. I have been so busy lately and know you have been out traveling and will have to catch up on your wonderful adventures. Hugs Carrie