Abandoned Monastery, Egypt.

Continuing to revisit some of my Egypt photos when I decided to reprocess this shot of an abandoned monastery. A late afternoon’s camel ride took us through a desert area in Egypt where a long abandoned monastery still stands. High contrast lighting conditions meant the image required a bit of work to balance the foreground with the sky. As regular readers will be aware, I’m increasingly using the Nik Software plugins for Photoshop and whilst most of what I’ve done to date has been with Silver Efex Pro and Color Efex Pro, today’s image utilizes Viveza.

Viveza is essentially a colour correction, colour balancing and saturation tool. The colour values in the final image are not a gross exaggeration but are enhanced. Subtle localized adjustments were made to retain the blue to yellow graduation in the sky and also to ensure sufficient contrast on the building itself.

If you look carefully on the horizon line, you’ll notice some high tension electricity lines and towers, a concession to modernity?

The Old Monastery, Sinai Desert, Egypt.

The Old Monastery, Sinai Desert, Egypt.

There is also a monochrome version of this image (see next blog post), processed in Silver Efex Pro, which readers may find of interest! Enjoy, ~KD.