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Going back over some of my Egypt photos for my Egypt-Jordan photo gallery,  when I decided to reprocess the image you see in today’s post.    The image was captured back in 2007 and this is it’s third processing. In truth this is a multi frame composite in order to remove modern day tourists from an […]

Continuing with the Haleakala National Park photographs and today it’s a stitched panoramic image.    Looking into the sun meant that the image was a bit washed out as far as colour and contrast went so I ended up boosting those values in photoshop.   The final image is a stitched composite of six vertical frames […]

As regular readers of this blog will be aware,  my usual approach to photography is to present images which are,  for the most part,  a realistic depiction of the world as I encounter it.    However,  I’m not adverse to using the digital software tools to enhance my photos on a case by case basis […]

Going back through my archives,  I’ve revisited an image that I compiled back in 2007.    The image was of some of the pyramids at Giza in Egypt.    I say compiled, because the image is a composite of three images of the same scene taken a few minutes apart and then digitally blended in Photoshop to […]

Completing my exploration of this image,  today I present the third approach.    Having concentrated attention on what I regard as the most interesting element in the scene through cropping and selective blurring and sharpening (see previous blog entry dated 21st June, 09)  I now decided on a toned monochrome effect.   In the previous two entries […]

Following on from my last entry and the concept that one image could be viewed several ways,  I present today’s version,  the second approach. The first approach was to present the image with only slight cropping but showing the numerous elements that were present,  the background traffic both motorised and pedal powered,  the trees and […]

Another shot from my China 1999 trip this time taken in the street in Kaifeng.   Not a great shot by any means,  but as I was processing the image in Photoshop,  I got to a certain point and realized that one image could lend itself to multiple approaches.   In other words,  there are numerous ways […]

One of the places I visited during my trip to China in 1999 was the town of Suzhou.   Established over 2500 years ago the town is famous for silk production, its gardens and, according to legend is home to the most beautiful women in China.   (In hindsight,  maybe I should’ve stayed there longer….!   but I […]

Today’s image was taken at the Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong.   The monastery complex features a massive “big Buddha” statue,  as well as numerous smaller statues such as this one,  and was built in 1990.     It’s not just a monastery but also a tourist attraction. This shot was taken on colour negative film with […]

      I normally  like to display photos in a realistic way with most of my post processing limited to cropping,  straightening and minor contrast and colour enhancements.  Today however,  being a “Weird Wednesday”,  it’s a break from reality.    As I was going through some of my Galapagos Islands shots,  I opened up a rather ordinary […]

Following on from my last blog entry,  I thought I’d further explore the possibilities of monochrome processing this time using a photo I shot in Guatemala back in 2005.   The beautiful Lake Atitilan has several volcanoes nearby one of which is visible in the background here.    Originally shot on medium format film,  it was scanned […]

An Exercise in Image Processing. Today I thought I’d present an exercise in image processing using Photoshop CS3.    I’ve been posting images,  mostly from my various travels,  on this blog for a while now.  There’s been a fair variety of different presentations,  from colour to black and white,  tonings,  vignettes,  selective focus,  pan blurs,  stitched […]

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve presented mostly close up wildlife shots,  today I thought I’d take a different tack and show some wildlife within the context of the landscape.  The first shot was taken in Tarangire National Park whilst the second one was in Ngorongoro Crater a couple of days later.    Notice that […]