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With the recent changes I’ve made to my website and blog, I thought it was time to reorganise some of my earlier content which kind of got lost along the way. This post was originally published just over 2 years ago (apologies to long time readers who’ve seen it before) By reposting within the new […]

Still working through the Kwetsani camp shots and our lion, whom we’ve been following across the floodplain for a couple of blog entries now,  encounters a herd of red lechwe.  The red lechwe is a species of antelope which has adapted superbly to the flood plain conditions.   Completely at home in the semi aquatic environment […]

One of the memorable things that occurred during my time at Kwetsani in the Okavango Delta was a wonderful sighting of this lion at sunrise.    As was the pattern,  we got out of bed at 5.30 a.m. had some breakfast and then climbed into our 4×4 vehicles to set out looking for wildlife prior to […]

As the title suggests,  sunset over the flood plains of the Okavango Delta near Kwetsani camp.   This is the same area as for the kingfisher and jacana shots posted last week.    When reviewing and rating my shots in Lightroom,  this was a shot that I initially didn’t rate all that highly.  On second viewing however,  […]