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Lake Atitilan, Guatemala.

Following on from my last blog entry,  I thought I’d further explore the possibilities of monochrome processing this time using a photo I shot in Guatemala back in 2005.   The beautiful Lake Atitilan has several volcanoes nearby one of which is visible in the background here.    Originally shot on medium format film,  it was scanned into the computer and then processed in Photoshop CS3.    I decided to go with a monochrome treatment and use a toning as well.    This is similar to the treatment I used to pleasing effect on some of my lion photos from my Tanzania trip.

I suspect today’s image might polarize readers between those that love the effect and those that think it’s too much.

Lake Atitilan, Guatemala.

original image on Mamiya 7 mk2 rangefinder camera,  Fuji NPH 400 colour negative film.  Exposure details not recorded.

RSS feeds.

This might also be an opportune time to remind everyone about the value of RSS feeds.   If you haven’t already signed up for my RSS feed,  please do so.   I find it’s a great way to keep up to date  with blogs of interest.   One particular blogger,  whom I regard very highly,  is a little erratic in his blogging schedule,  sometimes posting entries 4 or 5 times a week and then going quiet for 3 or 4 weeks at a time.   I would previously go to his site every couple of days,  often fruitlessly.    Now I know via the feed whenever he’s updated,  it saves me time and frustration.    cheers KD.

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